League Rules



Team owners (sponsored teams) may buy a spot prior to the season's entry deadline.

Team rosters will be composed of 5 permanent team members with an additional 2 players as temporary substitute.

Team rosters shall be submitted by December 17, 2017

Team rosters cannot be altered eight weeks after December 17,  2017


Follow the weekly schedule posted at edgeballopen.com

Team captains will discuss when the specific match will be played.

If a venue is not available for a scheduled week, the match can be rescheduled the following week so both teams will have to play two team matches on the rescheduled week.

If no agreement is made between the captains, the League Committee will decide the location and date of the match in question. In this situation, teams with less than 3 players may still play the match but the spot of the missing player will be defaulted. If both teams fail to send at least two players, a double default shall be issued.

Matches can be schedule ahead of the weekly schedule if both captains agree.


After the first round, ABC vs XYZ, another player belonging to the same team may play instead of the player that played the previous round. The team captain will alert the opposing team captain of the substitution and change the name on the matchslip. The replaced player may not come back to play the match.


Match results should be submitted to edgeballopen@yahoo.com within 24 hours of the match.

A photo of the completed match slip can be texted to 847-312-0590 also as an alternative to emailing.


The League requires uniforms. Team shirts should be of the same make/style and same color for all players of each team. Shirts can be purchased at edgeballtabletennis.com with a 20% discount for league teams. Additional team apparel can also be purchased at this site for the same discount.

Failure to wear team uniforms will result in a $50 fine for first offense. $100 fine for second offense. Two week suspension for the third offense.

Contact Information


Website Address


All league information can be accessed from this site.


Knockout system, team with best record has home court advantage

Wild Card Games - 1st and 2nd place teams have byes.

WC #1      #6 @#3

WC#2      #5 @#4

Semi's - WInner of WC#1 @#2

Winner of WC#2 @#1

FInals - Team with best regular season record has home court advantage. Tie breakers - two way tie, win over the other. more than two way tie, point system.



The Edgeball Cup is awarded to the Champion and will remain with that team for one year until the start of the following season. The team will have to return the Edgeball Cup before the start of the next season.

1st prize - $2,000

2nd prize - $1,250

3rd prize - $750

Equipment and Supplies

The following will be provided by Edgeball Table Tennis Corp

Balls - another brand of ball may be used instead of the ball supplied by the league if both team captains agree.

Match Slips


Score boards – to be returned at the end of the season

Clip boards - to be returned at the end of the season

Code of Conduct

Each participant will abide by the League rules and display good sportsmanship during the entire season. The League Committee may suspend, eject, disqualify, or ban a participant from the league for any misconduct. League Committee decision is final and cannot be appealed. The League Committee reserves the right to deny any individual participation in the League.

The Chicago Table Tennis League is owned and operated by Edgeball Table Tennis Corporation.